A Published Author At Last

I am a true introvert and follow Introvert Dear relating probably more than I would like to their articles. If you haven’t seen their website or other social media platforms, check them out!

A while back I decided to try my hand at writing for them since I know introverts all too well. I didn’t hear anything from them at first but was busy getting rejections from my debut novel, so I was beginning to seriously doubt my skills as a writer. Then in late April, Introvert Dear contacted me with some edits and I rewrote a few things and like magic, my article was published!

Just like that, my confidence was restored (until the next rejection, right?) and I am in the process of writing a few more pieces for Introvert Dear as well as finishing my work in progress. So my advice to all novice writers out there, just keep writing. Write things of all kinds, submit work and don’t lose hope. When you least expect success, is when it will find you.

Check out my article here: Why Introverts Excel at Virtual Learning

Published by manfrejl

I am a graduate of the University of Mary Washington where I received a degree in Studio Art and a Masters Degree in diverse student populations. I hail from Virginia and am a member of the James River Writers. When I am not writing or teaching art, you can find me photographing various things.

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