Random Thoughts and What-Nots

I have been busy these past months writing and reflecting as well as doing a bit of light background acting for some shows filming in the Richmond area of Virginia. Most recently, my writing piece on friendships was published by Introvert, Dear. I wanted to write the piece to connect with others, and I amContinue reading “Random Thoughts and What-Nots”

What type of writer are you?

As I get more involved in the world of writers, I have learned that writers tend to approach their work very differently. One would think it’s a straightforward process, but creativity comes to writers in different ways all ending with a similar result of a finished article or story. Similarly, as a studio artist, IContinue reading “What type of writer are you?”

Story Beginnings. Are wake-ups too cliche?

My current manuscript begins with my protagonist waking up. I know, I know, how cliche and wrong! Every blog article and post reminds us this is what writers do when they don’t know how to begin a story. However, what if there good reason behind beginning a novel with your character waking? Or perhaps aContinue reading “Story Beginnings. Are wake-ups too cliche?”